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"My focus for Delta Design &C Co. was to supply the development industry with high-end design and marketing materials without the costs of an advertising agency."

Delta Design & Co. is run solely by digital and graphic designer Paige Hasaballah. Paige has 10 years experience in the design industry and has been working specifically within the property and development sector for the past 6 years.

Paige entered the property industry via a sales & marketing aggregator and learned hands-on what developers and selling agents require in order to produce sales. 


What this means you for...

  • Delta Design & Co. provide you with a competitive high-end service for luxury design and marketing materials

  • All materials are designed with your end buyer in mind and with a focus on procuring sales. 

  • You don't have to spend hours briefing a designer in an advertising agency on what is needed for your project. 

  • A package is designed specifically for the needs of your project without the unnecessary extras often provided by agencies. 

When it comes to project marketing I understand time = money. 

My promise to my clients is to provide the highest quality work I can in the most time efficient manner possible. I want to help you get your projects on the market and bringing in the money!